Storie Templates: Lifestyle, Business, Seasonal, Fun, Cool, and More

If you want to create awesome, professional looking, viral Stories like you see the huge brands and influencers posting – we have developed an app that’ll do it all for you.

Not only does our app make creating Stories quick and easy, we currently have a library containing more than 100 different templates, and we’re always adding more.

This means you’ll find a template for every type of content you can think of. From showcasing recipes with step-by-step instructions to creating a Storie about your travels, showing off your pets, workout videos, and more.

In this post, we’re showcasing just some of our most popular templates to give you an idea of how you could be piecing together your content into a Storie and sharing it on Instagram.

Lifestyle Templates

Selfies and Personal


Who doesn’t like taking a good selfie? With these templates you can upload your best selfies and present them as a Storie, timeline, or however else you want.



If you don’t consider yourself the artistic type but want your Stories to look like a professional graphic designer made them, just upload your images or video clips to one of the following templates and we’ll do the rest for you.

Fitness / Workout


Want to share some of your best fitness or workout routines? Instagram is the place to do it, and we have templates that’ll help you capture your best moments and inspire your followers.

Recipes / Food and Beverages


These templates will help bring your culinary creations to life and leave your audience licking their lips with anticipation of following your step-by-step recipes.



We have some awesome templates to help bring your dance moves to life, showcase life events, and wrap together any motion video for you.



Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, your work deserves to be shown at it’s best. Check out any of the following templates to profile your work as a Storie.

Business and Professional Templates

Business / Branding


Promote your business and brand with these stylish templates designed to leave a lasting impression and represent your brand with stylish fonts and a seamless flow.

Product / eCommerce


Almost all of the large brands use Stories to showcase and promote their products. Nike, Lego, Cheerios, Vogue, the list is endless, so get in on the action by using one of the following templates to feature you’re latest products.

Promoting Sales, Offers, Webinars & Youtube Channels


Stories are one of the best ways to draw attention to special offers. You can use the allotted time to show your products and highlight the offer, deadline and so on using the following templates.

Seasonal Templates



Been snowboarding, mountaineering, or doing any other winter activities? Then why not use a template overlay that fits in with your content, we’ve got you covered.



Capture that feel and smell of the summer breeze to bring your summer content to life with one of our templates designed to do exactly that.



We have plenty of templates perfect for combining your travel snaps and videos. Turn them into a Storie that’ll leave your friends, family, and followers envious of your travels.



Wildlife content is hugely popular on Instagram. Bring the natural beauty of still shots or motion video of animals to life with one of our templates designed for outdoors content.


As you can see, each of our templates has been professionally designed with a theme in mind. All you have to do is upload your content, tweak the wording and colors, and click download.

I’m sure it’ll take a few tries to find the colors, styles, and flow you’re comfortable with. But, once you have your own colors and branding in place try to keep it consistent across all your posts and you’ll start to see your followers, likes, and shares start to increase the more quality content you produce.