Instagram Video Ideas for 2019

Instagram Video Ideas for 2019

If you let 2018 slip by without posting regular videos or Stories on Instagram, you can make things right starting in 2019!

The most common excuse I hear from people is that they can’t come up with any good ideas, or don’t know how to put together a good video they think their audience will like.

Well, first of all, you can use our Storie app to produce professional looking videos quickly, and it’s incredibly easy.

Secondly, I’ve listed enough Instagram video ideas for 2019 and examples of the kinds of videos that were hot on Instagram in 2018 to keep you busy for a long time.

So, no more excuses, take a browse through the following suggestions and start posting more videos on your Instagram profile – Instagram users love videos!

Instagram Video Ideas for 2019

Create “How-To” Tutorials

A large piece of the internet is built on “How-To” instructionals. When you need to know how to do something, where do you turn? To your mobile, right.

The introduction of Stories really opened up this space on Instagram and allowed people to serve this content up to their audience, and it’s surprising how often people digest this content without realizing they needed it.

You don’t have to approach it like a Google question and answer search result. Rather than answering a question for your audience, you can be proactive and demonstrate how to use your products and services while introducing them to your stuff.

Do Live Q&A’s

Q&A’s are huge on Instagram. Social media users love to be heard and interacted with, and holding Q&A’s are a great way to build a larger audience and interact with your followers.

It’s also a great way to generate content. You can use a Q&A post for your followers to leave questions, then post a weekly video answering them.

Create a Series of Stories

Video allows you to touch people on an emotional level that still images cannot do. Take advantage of this by setting up a few that follow on from one another and create some suspense and anticipation.

You can come up with something fictitious with the goal of having the video shared, or direct the content at your audience and spoil them with something relevant to them.

Show Some Behind the Scenes Footage

Another hugely popular form of video content on Instagram is behinds the scenes footage. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your audience the “Real” you, introduce some of your team, and show the attention to detail that does into your products and services.

This works for businesses of all sizes. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business it’s very relatable content for social media consumers, and if you’re a big business, it’s a chance to show a side of your business seldom seen.

Play Around with Timelapse

60 seconds or so isn’t very long when you’re filming in real time. Plus, let’s be honest here, it’s hard to keep the attention of a mobile user for 60 seconds.

This is why timelapse is cool. You can film several minutes of footage and speed it up. Not only does this allow you to show loads more to the viewer in the same time frame, it looks cool and keeps people interested.

Turn the Camera on Your Audience

Another way to generate shareable content without as much creative effort on your part is to use user-generated clips.

A couple of popular methods involve putting together a montage of clips from viewers and ask for submissions from people using your stuff.

Either way, it’s a great way to showcase your services or products being used, it’s awesome promotion, and encourages the people featured to share the video.

Run Competitions and Promotions

I bet you hear this everywhere, but it’s solid advice. Social media users love entering, sharing, and talking about giveaways and competitions, and who can blame them?

If you’re planning on running a competition, or just had the idea to do so, then use a video to promote it. It’s an easy way to communicate all the details and more likely to be shared than a static post.

Takeaways for Your Video Content Strategy

In a nutshell, most or any of the above ideas is a great place to start and should result in more followers, likes, shares, and engagement over just posting images.

Instagram is a platform that not only rewards creative content, but consistent publishing. I don’t want to turn this into a motivational talk, but finding a style of video that works for you and sticking to a regular schedule is just as important as the quality of your videos.

So, you have plenty of ideas to get you started, if you’ve checked out our Storie app you’ll know you don’t need any graphic design skills or experience, what are you waiting for?