How to Use Instagram Stories for Business Promotion

Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories are no longer a novelty or just a tool to make a funny viral videos to share with your friends.

Although that is still a cool use for Stories, of course.

The real power behind stories is as a marketing tool helping businesses grow, increase sales, and reach a larger audience of potential customers.

And when done right, Instagram Stories are one of the quickest, least expensive, and most effective ways to grow a business online.

You can use them to drive traffic to sales pages, promote your products, increase your brand awareness, and reach a wide audience of all demographics with just a few clicks of a button.

And let’s not forget what really counts, all of these are paths towards a healthier bottom line. So for a small investment, you can return a profitable ROI.

To answer the first question that comes to mind after hearing what you’ve been missing out on not using Stories – our app makes creating professional Stories quick and easy.

If you want to jump straight to making some Stories using our pre-made templates and drag and drop builder, go ahead.

If you want to know more about why you should be using Instagram stories for your business, and the best ways to do so, read on.

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories for Business?

It’s well documented that Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, and it’s estimated that around 40% of their users consume Stories daily.

Those numbers alone should be enough to make you take action. Just stack them up against your current marketing channels and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Plus, which other marketing mediums give you the creative freedom to share short videos showcasing your business and products that will potentially be seen by so many targeted customers?

Stories are a big deal, and using them for your business is an even bigger deal. Here are some of the angles you should think about when creating and marketing your Stories:

  • Announcing Special Offers and Discounts
    Few things get shared faster online than a killer deal or an upcoming discounted promotion. If you’re about to run holiday sales, want to announce a special offer, or anything similar, using a Storie is much more effective than a static post.
    Don’t forget to clearly show the dates of the promotion, the savings for your customers, and put a clear call-to-action in the video. A viral hit with send the cash register ringing.
  • Launching New Products
    If you’re launching a new product a Storie gives you the opportunity to show it in action and give your customers a real feel and look at what the product can do for them.
    Whether it’s something as routine as food or household products, or a new hi-tech gadget, you can bring it to life with motion video and separate yourself from your competitors.
  • You Can Feature and Interact with Your Customers
    What’s the best way to engage with your audience? Make them a part of your content. You can run competitions or ask for images to be submitted from your customers, then use them in your Stories.
    It’s a win-win. You get some free content to help you produce unique Stories, and your customers get to see their own images wrapped up in a professional looking video and shared online.
  • You Can Bring Your Brand to Life
    Static branding images are a thing of the past. Motion video and catchy soundtracks that blend perfectly with the visuals and tap into viewers emotions are what separates the forgettable from the memorable.
    My main tip here is to make sure you start how you mean to go on. Set out a storyboard or plan out a few Stories before you start. Keeping your brand’s image consistent is vital to leave a recognizable footprint.

What Kind of Content Works Best on Instagram?

There is no blueprint or “secret sauce” that will guarantee your Stories will go viral and get people talking about your business or products. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you there is.

There are some best practices that have proven to give better results over time, however. I can share these with you, then it’s up to you as the person who knows what their customers want to add that personal touch:

Think outside the box – Don’t just produce or reproduce the common types of Storie you see, even if you like them personally.

Thinking outside the box and being creative will make your content stand out from the crowd, and that’s the goal. Don’t be afraid to take risks, for the small cost involved it’s worth it.

Be lighthearted – Instagram is not the place for stating facts about your business, talking about its history, and spreading your corporate message.

Add a little humor, crack a joke at your expense if you have to. If your Storie isn’t putting a smile on the person’s face watching it, you probably failed

Target your promotions – Let’s not lose focus of the goal, you’re making Stories to promote your business, products, services and yourself. Which is fine, as long as it’s reaching the right people.

I’ll save you a lot of time by telling you the “spray and pray” tactic doesn’t work. Your content will get lost within the millions of other Stories that get no more than a few clicks unless it’s tailored to your target customers.

Now It’s Your Turn

There you have it. Everything you need to know about why you should be using Instagram Stories for your business, some of the elements that make Stories successful, and some tips and tricks to give you a head start.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to our app where we have dozens of professionally designed templates waiting for you to add your own images and text, and you can be uploading your own Stories in a matter of minutes.