How to Sell More Products Using Instagram Stories in 2019

From startups to some of the largest brands on the planet, smart businesses are using Instagram to promote and sell their products to a rapidly growing audience that has now surpassed the 1 billion mark.

The best part is that Instagram is providing more tools and making it easier all the time for the smaller businesses and accounts to connect with potential customers.

So while you may have struggled to build an audience or reach the right demographics on other platforms or through paid advertising, jumping on the wave of momentum that Instagram is experiencing is the smart thing to do right now.

The 4 Pillars to Sell More Products Using Instagram Stories

Anyone with any marketing experience will know it’s an in-depth topic. However, here are the four most important things to consider when using Instagram Stories to sell your products:

Showcase and Demonstrate Your Products

Stories are the perfect vehicle for showing how a product or service works. You have the opportunity to bring your products to life using color, video, and high-quality images.

Don’t cut corners on the production side. Instagram users are spoiled with the quality and volume of posts going live each day, mediocre or average just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t have the staff, budget, or skills to match the large brands. Well, put that excuse to the side, because you don’t need any graphic design skills, editing software, or experience.

Our Storie App does it all for you. All you need to do is provide the motion clips and images (because we can’t do that for you), drag and drop it into our app, make a few tweaks to the fonts and colors, add some text, and you have a professional looking Storie that’s going to convert.

Be Descriptive and Use Words That Sell

If you’re not experienced with writing copy that’s designed to sell you’re probably missing a few of the psychological tricks experienced writers use.

There are some words that can encourage people to take action, buy, share your content, and more.

I’m not talking about being direct and asking the viewers to take action, that doesn’t work well. Quite the opposite, people tend to push back when they feel pressured or like they’re being asked to do something.

Instead, consider using some of the following words or phrases in your copy if you’re not already:

  • Only available for a limited time.
  • On sale now.
  • New and exclusive to Instagram users.
  • Be the first…
  • Discounted for the first time.
  • Extended sale.
  • Due to popular demand.

Just by reading these phrases it should have conjured up images of items that are on sale for a short time, are exclusive, new, and in demand.

Shoppers love to feel like they are catching a great deal. Or finding new and exclusive items they can keep to themselves, or take the credit for sharing with others, and

Use Shoppable Stickers

Instagram released shoppable stickers last year to enable businesses of any size, number of followers, and experience to send viewers directly into their sales funnel, landing page, shopping cart, and so on.

Shoppable stickers basically allow you to add a sticker on the products in your Stories so viewers can tap on them to learn more about the products and how to buy them.

You can place them on still images and moving video, and there are a few different types to choose from and customize so I recommend playing around with the feature until you get the feel and look that aligns with your brand.

Have a Smooth Sales Funnel in Place

The easier it is for a shopper to go from browsing or viewing products to having it paid for and in the post to them, the higher your conversion rates are going to be.

It almost sounds counter-intuitive to have a really good sales funnel in place before you’re even making regular sales, but it’s not. It’s not something you want to fix in motion, and you’re not going to get back the sales you leave on the table.

So, with a sales funnel in place, Stories showcasing your products and brand, and taking advantage of shoppable stickers – you have yourself a little sales machine ready to go at a fraction of the cost it would take going down the more traditional online marketing routes.