How to Get on Instagram Explore Page in 2019

instagram explore page

Instagram is the social network you should be spending your time and marketing efforts on in 2019.

It’s exploded in popularity in recent years, with an active userbase that’s jumped from 600 million at the beginning of 2017 to more than 1 billion as I write this.

And, the hottest page on the platform is the Explore Page.

While there is no set blueprint to guarantee your content will hit the Explore Page of targeted users, there are some things you can do to increase your chances.

It’s well worth reading this article and tailoring your content strategy to try and get as much of your content featured on users Explore pages because this is where the largest spikes in traffic, likes, shares, and sales happen.

Plus, the best part of being on the Explore Page – it’s completely free!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Instagram Explore Page and what you can do to appear in the feed more often in 2019:

What Is Instagram Explore Page?

The Instagram Explore page is a page that’s made up of content relevant to the user that has had a decent amount of engagement in a short space of time.

It’s basically like Instagram putting together a bunch of posts that they think will be relevant to the user based on the kind of content they engage with, and use the likes and shares as social proof that it’s decent content.

We don’t know the exact algorithm, but we do know it’s a mix of posts that you and your followers have liked. Which is then expanded to people who follow both you or your followers and engage in similar content.

That’s the best part about the Explore Page, it’s doing everything you want from a marketing perspective for you. Trying to reach a wider audience with content they want to see, which should result in them liking and following you when they see your posts.

How Does the Explore Page Work?

As I mentioned above, the Explore Page is a collection of images and videos that Instagram’s algorithm has determined is good quality content, that is going to be relevant to you and what you like.

For example, if you’re a food blogger and you like, share, and follow other food bloggers, if you go over to your Explore Page right now it’s going to be full of food-related content.

Exactly what you want to see, right?

How does the Explore Page choose those exact posts from those influencers? It’s a combination of things, but mostly due to which posts your followers have been liking.

The way Instagram see it is that people who follow you obviously like your content, so they are serving up other content they have liked as you probably haven’t had the chance to see it.

Why Should You Try and Get Featured on Instagram’s Explore Page?

Well, first of all, you should be trying to get on people’s Explore Page because it’s free exposure.

The wave of traffic that can flow through your content mean more likes, and new followers in the hundreds, or even thousands if you land on the right page in front of the right influencer.

Anyone actively using Instagram to promote their business, services, products, and so on will know how important each and every follower is, and if you’ve been using paid ads you’ll also know how much followers can cost.

So taking advantage of the tools Instagram provides is increase your reach is a no-brainer.

How to Get on Instagram Explore Page in 2019

So, now you know how important Instagram Explore Page can be for your business and some of the factors that go into which content is populated into users’ feeds – how can you maximize your chances of appearing on Explore Pages?

Here are some tips, or ‘hacks’ if you like to help you hit the Explore Page:

Focus on Quality Content for Your Audience

This is the rule of thumb when producing Instagram content so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it’s worth reinforcing, especially the fact that you need to be producing content that is very relevant to your audience.

You want your followers to like, comment, share, and engage with your content. If this means kindly asking them too as well, then that’s all fair game.

Take a look at the posts on your Explore Page, get an idea for how many likes and comments they have. Every niche is different depending on how popular and active it is, so there’s no golden rule here.

Be Smart with Hashtags

If you’re not already using hashtags in a smart way, it’s time you started. By adding relevant hashtags to your posts, your content gets added into those hashtag feeds and will potentially be seen by a much wider audience outside of just your followers.

This means more likes and engagement on your posts, which means you’re increasing your chance of being featured on Explore Pages.

Post Your Content at the Most Active Times

This is another point that sounds obvious, yet I know hardly anyone pays attention to posting their content when their followers are most active.

As long as your account is set up as a business account, which it should be by now, you can dig into your analytics to find out what times of day you’re getting the most engagement from posting content.

In Summary

The Instagram Explore Page should no longer be a mystery or something you didn’t think you could conquer after reading this article.

It’s really a combination of all the elements I’ve covered above to create that perfect storm of viral content that will appear on people’s Explore Pages. And it really does work.

It’s important to remember that you’re trying to create content that deserves to be on Explore Pages. When you have that mindset, it’s not a surprise when it happens, and the extra exposure will convert into new followers, and hopefully more sales and conversions.