How to Drive Sales with Instagram Stories in 2019

Instagram Stories Sales

With more than 1 billion active users, 500 million daily active users, and 400 million active daily Storie users, it’s pretty obvious at this point that Instagram is a great platform for businesses to drive sales.

And, the best way to do this is with Instagram Stories.

Stories allow you to clip together images and video to showcase your products or services in a short video.

There are loads of other little features available to enhance your Stories, like tagging your location, adding stickers, a call-to-action, and more.

It’s a really versatile way to be creative and share content that drives traffic and sales. As well as promoting your brand and increasing your followers.

There are a few key things you need to know when formulating a marketing strategy using Instagram Stories in 2019. Here are some of the most important features to be aware of, and some useful tips to help you make the most of your content:

It used to be difficult to send traffic to your money pages when using an account with less than 10k followers using Stories, but an update late last year releasing shoppable stickers change all of this.

Shoppable stickers allow you to tag products in your Storie, allowing the user to click on the product and bring up all the specifications, the price, and ultimately allow them to make a purchase.

You should be using shoppable stickers on your Stories regardless of how many followers you have, but it’s the main conversion tool for smaller accounts.

When you have 10k+ followers on your business account you unlock a very useful tool – the ability to add a URL to your Stories.

This is actually a big deal if you’re serious about driving sales through Instagram Stories. We’ve covered plenty of ways on this blog how you can increase your followers, so I definitely recommend visiting those posts and putting together a plan to increase your followers if you’re not at 10k yet.

When you hit his milestone, you’ll see the link icon appear at the top of the screen when posting a Storie. Just click this link and add your desired URL.

It doesn’t have to be a link to your blog or website. You can send people directly to a landing page or an affiliate offer to give them a more direct route to converting.

Having these many followers also puts you in the bracket of “influencers” on the platform. I will talk more about this in future posts, just keep in mind that it opens you up to a lot more opportunities so it should always be a side-goal to increase your number of followers.

Post Polls

Instagram users love polls, they really do. Polls have a clear call-to-action and require engagement from the viewer, and with the convenience of a few swipes and clicks in front of them, most people will happily oblige.

Gathering consumer feedback is and always have been a valuable tool for businesses. Sending out a poll and collecting the data back on Instagram is about as easy as it gets to hit a large number of targeted potential customers.

Use Customer Testominals in Your Stories

This study found that 92% of online consumers read testimonials and reviews before making a purchase.

That number says it all, if you aren’t using testimonials in your Stories to increase your brand credability and answer any questions potential customers have about your products, you’re leaving sales on the table.

Use Shoppable Stickers

I mentioned above that shoppable stickers were made available last year. It was a feature smaller accounts with less than 10k followers had been waiting for as they were unable to redirect customers to a URL of their choosing prior to this feature being released.

Now you really do have a reason to showcase products in your Stories. Add shoppable stickers to any products you’re featuring and make it as easy and smooth as possible for the viewer to hit a landing page and make a purchase.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

Stories are great for offering discounts and coupons. Not only are you reaching a targeted audience of potential customers, but it’s also easier to track how well these viewers are converting into paying customers using the coupons.

You can also use Stories to promote a new product launch with or without a discount for following, liking, or sharing your content.

It’s a simple, yet effective strategy. Upload a Storie demonstrating a product you have coming out in the near future, and add a CTA asking viewers to follow your account to be notified about the release date and early discount offers.

In Summary

Instagram is fast becoming the best social media platform for businesses to not only sell their products but be able to showcase them in action – which is a huge incentive when consumers are close to making a purchase.

The best part is, Instagram is releasing and supporting all the tools you need to increase sales and conversions, it’s just down to you to take action,

So, if you haven’t already started using Stories in the ways I’ve outlined above to promote your brand, business, and drive more sales, there’s no time like the present!