A Guide to Using Instagram Storie Templates

Instagram Storie Templates

If you haven’t been using Stories as part of your Instagram business strategy, or even just for fun on your personal profile – you’ve been missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow your followers, sales, and exposure on the platform.

The number one thing that holds most people back is just not knowing or believing they can make quality Stories. Right?

Well, if you use Instagram Stories templates it’s super easy.

Not only is it easy, but you can also make professional looking templates in a matter of minutes.

When you use a template all of the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is add your own images and text.

Don’t believe it can be this easy to produce professional looking Stories that have a very real chance of being shared, going viral, snowballing, and most importantly painting your brand in a positive light?

Read on for everything you need to know about Storie templates, as well as how to use our app and get started making your own Stories today using our suite of templates.

What Are Instagram Storie Templates?

Storie templates are ready-made, well-designed, templates that are just waiting for you to add your own personal touch with some images, text, and soundtrack.

They remove all the work and effort required to shoot video or take some pictures, then edit it how you want, add stickers, change the sizes, fonts, positioning, and so on.

I’m a big fan of templates in general. I use templates for spreadsheets, emails, and so on. Using a pre-designed format that’s proven to be effective is just a win-win.

Why Should You Use Storie Templates?

In short, because we should all value our time and take advantage of tools and processes that have been designed to make our lives easier.

As anyone who has made their own Stories from scratch will confirm, it can be quite time consuming and stressful fiddling around and tweaking all the little settings and features to try and polish up your finished Storie.

Even then, unless you’re a professional graphic designer, they aren’t going to look as good as the templates we offer that have been professionally designed. Sorry, it’s the truth.

With our templates all you have to do is literally upload three images, add the text you want to appear, and change any of the pre-set colors, use our soundtrack or add your own, then click finish.

Why Are Templates Good for Businesses?

Stories are good for businesses because they are an extension of your brand.  A way to deliver a message to your followers and potentially new followers by using motion to capture your business and products.

People are more engaged and captivated by video as opposed to still images, that’s a fact.

So, with a little planning around the kind of content you’re going to create you can make Stories that will be shared to increase your reach across new audiences or niche down and target your current audience.

If you sell products the best part is that you can really bring your products to life and show them in use in a few images

If you’re still stuck for ideas, here are a few of the more popular ways businesses are using templates:

Launching new products – Don’t be too salesy and self-promotional, Instagram users can see through heavy self-promotion and don’t like it.

If you’re launching a new product however, do so with a Storie so you can show more pictures and uses of your product.

Announcing discounts – Instagram users love finding and sharing discounts, offers, seasonal specials, and so on, so maximize your exposure by putting together a Storie with one of our templates.

Behind the scenes content – Behind the scenes content has become really popular on Instagram in recent months.

Lifting the curtain on how your business operates helps build a connection with your audience and shows the human side to your brand they can relate to.

Helpful content – If you follow popular Stories you’ll see plenty of recipes, workout tips, blogging tips, and other helpful tips and tricks.

Producing helpful content and asking for nothing back in return is one of the best ways to generate social shares. See what you can produce relevant to your business and audience.

Fan interaction – Social media is all about interacting with your followers. Fan posts and Stories featuring pictures of fans and followers are always a hit.

Just be sure to get permission from the owners of the images you’re using first. Maybe even make it a monthly competition or feature to set a schedule to the posts.

Your Turn

Now you know the secret behind the success of some of the most popular Stories being shared on Instagram.

They didn’t take hours to make and a team of designers. They were made with templates and probably took a few minutes to put together.

Why not get started right now making your own? Just hop over to our Storie app and start uploading your images to get started today.